Payment terms

Every buyer on Auxionize has the option to determine different payment terms that are part of the purchase condition. The payment terms give the buyer the opportunity to determine how to break down the entire payable sum of the final negotiated amount, and at what time of the purchase finalisation process each predetermined amount will be settled with the seller. For example, the buyer can divide the 100% payable amount into a few separate portions, which do not need to be equal, and specify the payment period of each of them. The person, completing the payment, could set a percentage of the entire amount to be paid upon order placing, and the remaining balance could be paid in full or split upon shipment, receival, or a few days/months after receipt of the purchased goods/services. Note that the total percentage should always equal 100% for you to be able to save the newly created or edited payment terms.    

  • Go to “Settings” on the bottom left of your dashboard and select “Payment Terms” from  the drop down menu
  • You will see three different payment terms, which you can alter at any time by pressing the “Edit” button. The three editable payment options are 100% payable amount on order, equal division of payment 50%-50% on shipment and delivery, and 30% payment on order and the rest on determined period after order receipt. 
  • Below the three listed editable payment options, you will have the liberty to set as many payment terms as you wish in order to  schedule the settlement of the 100% of the purchase by selecting the button “Add”. The window that will open up after you have selected the “Add” button is exactly the same as the one , in which you can edit the three existing options above.

  • Next to each payment term specify the payment guarantee you prefer.
  • Save and Close.