Products Management in Nomenclature- Sellers

Sellers have the opportunity to manage the products they sell in the nomenclature section on their dashboard. Nomenclature product management includes adding, editing and updating products, archiving and restoring, as well as setting incoterms and visibility. 

The addition of new products is executed in two ways. The first one is by searching for the desired items in the Product Catalogue among the products categories and subcategories. The second one is by creating a custom/non-existing product under a specific product category (Please refer to “Look for existing categories and products” and “Creating a custom/not existing subcategory or a product”).   

As a result of the search, the seller will have visibility of product cards, each of which contains a single product and information about it. The number of product cards showing up depends on the volume of the particular type of products within the Product Catalogue. When the desired product is found in the Product Catalogue, the Seller can add it to his Nomenclature by ticking the small box on the upper right corner of each item displayed.

  •  After choosing the items use  the button “Add to Nomenclature”
  • Pop-up window will appear, requiring input of price information regarding the product being added. The currency shown is the default one the Seller has filled. Only then the button “Add to nomenclature” will appear active. Visibility of these prices have only Buyers when looking at the menu “Sellers Listing”. Visibility settings are available at the request of the Seller in “My Nomenclature” that cover which product and respectively price set by the Seller in these fields are visible.

To enable product management, go to “My Nomenclature” on the left of your dashboard.

  • Click on “List Nomenclature” to view all products listed.
  • If you have in mind which specific product you wish to edit, type its name in the search field
  • When you have found the product/s you wish to edit, click inside the little box in front of the products` name and the available modification options on the top will immediately become highlighted in blue, meaning the buttons have been activated after the selection of the specific product/products.
  • To edit a product in terms of name, measurement units, pricing, and imaging, press on the pencil sign next to the product name. Please note that this is possible only when you as a user have created or copied and modified the product and then added it to the nomenclature. A pop up window will open, where you will have the chance to edit all the details regarding the specific product. You will also be able to alter, delete, or add additional attributes associated with the product, if you have created the new version of the product. The seller will not be able to remove already inherited within the product category attributes, which were embeded and visible at the time of product creating and copying, but he could decide on filling in the quantities and qualities for those attributes. If he believes that specifying values for some inherited attributes are not necessary or determining  for his products, he can definitely skip it and leave them blank. Removal of attributes is available as an option only by the creator of the particular attributes. 
  • When done filling in the necessary information, press the “EDIT” button.
  • To archive a product or a set of products, select them again by clicking inside the small box next to their names, and press “Archive”. You can reverse that action by selecting the “More” button and click on the arrow button “Show archived items”. When the archived items show up, press inside the little box next to the product names and select “Restore Items”. In this way, they will appear back in the main product listing of the nomenclature. Archived products are not visible in auctions and nomenclature offerings.
  • To set the preferred product visibility option, click on “Set Visibility” on the top of the page. The two available options, among which you could choose, are “Public” and “Hidden””. Being selected as “Public” a product and its price will be visible to buyers, whereas the “Hidden” option will make the item visible only to the owner of the nomenclature.  When finished with setting the preferred visibility, press “OK” and “Close”
  • Incoterm setting is another option you have available for the products in your nomenclature. Incoterms represent a set of 11 internationally-recognized, predetermined commercial terms, established by the International Chamber of Commerce. All incoterms are listed as three-letter abbreviations and dictate the responsibilities of sellers and buyers when it comes to managing shipment, insurance, documentation, and logistics. To choose among these 11 incoterms, click on “Set Incoterms”.. When finished with the selection, press “OK” and “Close”
  • In the column under “Price” in the nomenclature the monetary value of the product is listed out, which has been entered upon its creation.  This price is editable by clicking on the amount and typing in the desired amount
  • The Seller can also add prices for 3 (three) more quantities which will be seen by a potential Buyer if the product is set Public by the Seller. Currency can be changed from Settings -> Regions.