Product Catalogue

The product catalogue is a diverse database of various products and services. Each of the categories has its subcategories, displaying the variety of products and services, constituting every main category in the product library. Each category carries the attributes that describe the containing products.  To look for specific tangibles or intangibles, you need to either click on the “Product Category” tab to get to the dropdown menu with all possible main categories, or simply type in the name of the category you are looking for in the “Search” field. To find a final product or a service, you  either need to start with the category search associated with it, or such will be suggested by the search engine, in order to get to the list of products available. Due to the fact that final products differ in terms of attribute qualities, once you reach the listing with the final item you are looking for, you will have the opportunity to narrow down your search even more by selecting the specific product attributes on the very left.  All products are either formalized by the Auxionize team, or by some of the existing users in the platform.