Edit existing IPS

You are able to modify the details of your IPSs at any time you wish. The only IPSs the buyer cannot change are the followed ones, that are owned by another buyer. Modifying consists of deleting or adding products to the IPS. It may also mean that you can make certain product changes from it, if the Edit option is available for you, based on if you own the product or not. 

  • Go to “My IPS Nomenclature” on the left of your dashboard
  • Select “List my IPS’s”
  • Click on the preferred IPS link once you locate it, to view all the products inside it
  • To modify an IPS, simply click on the “Edit” button right next to the IPS name.
  • To delete a product, press the bin symbol.
  •  To add a new product in the IPS, press the button “Add Product”.
  • You will be prompted to a window, displaying a list of numerous products from the specific category, available on Auxionize. In case a great number of products show up, you can speed up your search by typing in the name of the desired product in the search field.
  • To select products for addition, click inside the small box in front of each product name you wish to add. 
  • When you finish with your selection, press “Add”. 
  • Additional corrections that you can make are concerned with the IPS visibility within the IPS Library. To remove the product from the global IPS Library on Auxionize, so that other buyers cannot see it, activate the “Hide from IPS Library” button.