What is Auxionize

Auxionize is a customer-centric market created to optimize purchases and sales in the business. Here, the Buyers announce the products and services they buy, and Sellers compete for their purchases in a transparent environment with clear rules. In Auxionize, all suppliers of products and services have direct access to all Buyers of their products and services right at the moment they want to buy them. The customer-centric market, through its fundamentally new functionality, gives Buyers a powerful tool for easy screening of the best suppliers and the best products. In Auxionize, as nowhere else, the best has cardinal advantages over the most cunning.

You can use Auxionize both as a buyer and as a seller. Here are the benefits for each role:


  • Reach multiple suppliers in one place  
  • Receive advice and feedback from them  
  • Have complete control over the entire purchasing process in the company
  • The reverse auctions automatically achieves the best market price at the moment without you having to negotiate
  • Access ratings and references of suppliers
  • Evaluate your supplier after awarding a deal


  • Automatically reach many new customers who buy your products and services and enter new markets 
  • You participate only in real deals 
  • Easily offer to all clients and in real time you observe the reactions of your competitors 
  • Negotiate multiple deals at once
  • Benefit from free directly targeted marketing
  • Evaluate clients after the transaction is completed

The platform is built mainly on several important functionalities:

  • Nomenclature – you receive offers in your product list for faster ordering and accuracy 
  • Product catalog – all products are in one place 
  • IPS (Interchangeable Product Set) – use a set of interchangeable products to receive an offer for one or all products in the set (RFQ)
  • Pre-auction – feedback and advice from contractors for your purchase 
  • Seller list – easily reach new suppliers 
  • Buyer list – easily reach new customers 
  • Auctions with over 1000 products – For even the biggest of purchases
  • Detailed settings – regions, roles and rights of employees, visibility settings at the auction, etc.

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