Create an IPS from IPS Library

Buyers can also include an IPS in their nomenclature by searching for already created IPS`s, which are being shared voluntarily by other buyers in the IPS Library. The IPS Library contains only IPS`s that are set up by their creators to have public access for all Auxionize users. The search for publicly-shared IPS`s in the IPS Library is identical to the search for products/services in the Product Catalogue. The buyer can use the dropdown menu to find the products/services of his interest or to type them in the search field. When the final product has been located, pressing the “Select” button should follow. All publicly visible IPS`s will appear as a result of the search, giving three options to the buyer- to “Follow” the IPS`s directly, to “Copy and Modify”, and to simply “View” them. By following an IPS, the buyer will automatically include it in his nomenclature and any following changes by its creator will be inherited upon confirmation by the buyer. The other option to copy and modify it according to the buyer’s criteria will allow him to use only the current selection of products and subsequent changes from the creator of the IPS are not taken into account.

Choosing the “Follow” button will open up the IPS of the buyer, who has created it, and will show details regarding its configuration. The IPS will immediately be followed by you until you decide to unfollow it.

When the buyer goes for the “Copy and Modify” option, he will have the view, displayed below. The modification allows the option for product additions to the copied IPS, as well as to remove products, contained in the IPS at the time of its copying. Removal of pre-existing within the IPS products is enabled by pressing the “x” sign on the right side of the product name.

IPS`s, specified to have limited visibility at the time of creation, will not appear in the IPS Library. Limited visibility for IPS`s could be set due to company privacy concerns and competition considerations. Note that you can alter your visibility setting at any time after the IPS creation has taken place. You can do that by clicking on the selected IPS and simply switch the “Hide from IPS Library” button off.

After saving the change, the concrete IPS will appear in the global IPS Library. To look for specific IPS, you need to either click on the “IPS Library” tab to get to the dropdown menu with all possible main categories or simply type in the name of the category you are looking for in the “Search” field. The IPS Library section is available only for Buyer accounts, due to the fact that only buyers are able to follow other buyers` IPS`s. It is very common for daughter companies to follow the IPS`s of their mother companies based on similarities in business operations, or companies from the same industry to also follow each other`s IPS`s. Sellers, on the other hand, can locate buyers` IPS`s in their “Buyers Listing” section and have the possibility to place offers inside them (Tier level restrictions apply).