IPS Library

The IPS Library is the place where global, voluntarily shared IPS`s of all registered on Auxionize buyers are made visible. Buyers can include IPS`s in their own nomenclature by searching for already created ones in the IPS Library that are publicly visible. If set with hidden visibility, IPS`s will not be listed in the global IPS Library. The buyer has the option to follow any created and visible IPS, which will directly include this IPS in his nomenclature, and any following changes by its creator will be inherited upon confirmation by the buyer. The other option is to have the IPS copied and modified according to the buyer’s criteria so that he uses only the current selection of products and subsequent changes from the creator of the IPS are not taken into account.

IPSs whose visibility is set to be non-public at the time of creation, or subsequently created, will not be visible in the IPS Library to other vendors on the platform. IPS visibility restrictions are related to concerns about confidentiality and in terms of company information visible to the competition. The IPS visibility settings can be changed at any time by opening the link to the specific IPS and activating or deactivating the “Hide from IPS Library” button.

Like the Product Catalog, the IPS Library contains a diverse portfolio of products and services. Each category has its own subcategories, which in turn carry the final IPS’s. To search for a specific IPS, you must initiate your search from the IPS Library and use the drop-down menu containing all possible categories. It is particularly common for subsidiaries to follow the IPSs of their parent companies based on similarities in business strategies and development, or companies operating in the same industries and markets. The sellers have visibility to buyers ‘public IPSs in the IPS Library as well as in the Buyers List section, where they have the opportunity to submit bids for IPSs (Restrictions on sellers’ membership level apply).

  • The search for categories and subcategories in the IPS Library is performed in the same way as when searching for such in the Product Catalog.
  • Click the “Select” button when you find the subcategory you are looking for.
  • All publicly visible IPSs associated with the end result of your search will appear.
  • The IPSs displayed as a result of the search will contain information such as the name of the IPS, a description of whether it is fixed or flexible, the buyers and sellers associated with it, and an annual purchase value.