View and Order IPS`s

Every buyer can receive offers for his IPS`s in the nomenclature, as well as to place orders from there.

  • Go to “ IPS Nomenclature” to gain access to the entire IPS listing. 
  • After you have a visibility towards the IPS Listing, in the upper right corner you will be able to see the total number of the IPS`s within the nomenclature.  
  • In the upper left corner you can see a button “Show Variants”, which when activated will display the IPS`s and all their variants. 
  • To place an order for an IPS, click inside the small box in front of the IPS`s name to activate the “Order” button.   
  • After the “Order” button gets activated in blue, click on it in order to open the link with the selected IPS to view its products and the offers given for its variants. 
  • You will be redirected to a window where you will see all products within the IPS, shown in a listing style, as well as the values of the offers given for them. The names of the offering companies will be displayed. The buyer has the opportunity to determine the quantity which he needs to order from each product and depending on the offering price, the total monetary amount of each product order will be accumulated individually. Also, the total sum of all products ordered and their combined total expense will be calculated on the bottom right corner.   
  • After inserting the needed purchase quantity for the offered products, the ”Make an Order” button will be activated. You do not necessarily need to indicate ordering quantity for each product offered. You can place an order for one offered product only, or for a smaller number of offered products than the total product amount contained in the IPS. 
  • The offers given within an IPS could also be made visible if you directly press the IPS link in the nomenclature. 
  • You will be redirected to the exact same window, used for describing the process of IPS editing under section “Edit an Existing IPS”.
  • Right next to the tab “IPS Overview” is the tab “Offers”. Pressing it will open up a window with the IPS variants and the offers, given by sellers. The best given offer will be colored in green. 
  • If you have received an offline offer from a seller, not registered on Auxionize, under “Price” enter the offer value for the specified quantity, as well as the offer validity, delivery in days and order period, to activate the “Offline Offer” button. Press it to publish the offer among the offers, given by sellers. 
  • To place an order for products within the IPS variants, choose which one you would like to order and then fill in the quantities you wish to purchase.  The entered quantities should be equal to those, reflected in the IPS, or higher. 
  • When you finalize the product quantity specification, press the “Order” button. 
  • The order will immediately register under the “Nomenclature orders” section.