When the auction end time arrives, the buyer is able to view all offers accumulated by sellers, and determine which one is the most appealing. As mentioned above, the appraisal of the best offer might not solely depend on the lowest price but could include the length of delivery and other factors. Once the buyer makes a decision on who will be the winner/s, the awarding process takes place. 

Below is the view the buyer will have when sellers place their offers and bids, including any offline offers, entered by the buyer. Under the company name of each participating seller, there will be an indication of their rating and comments from previous buyers who have completed business transactions with them. The offline offer will always be specified to be easily distinguished from the sellers` offers. 

When the buyer is ready to choose a supplier(s) in the specific auction, he must confirm his choice by ticking the box to the right of the name of the product for which the offer is made. By ticking the box, the quantity specified by the buyer will be automatically filled in the quantity field, and this quantity can be changed. Ticking the box will also activate the “Award” and “Suggest” buttons in the upper right corner above the bids table.

Some employees, representing the buyer company, have the authority to make suggestions on some of the participating sellers. To do so, the authorized staff needs to click on the “Suggestion” button, which will open a window where any comment could be left. After typing in the comment and saving it, it will appear in a little box under “Suggestions” to the very left above the offers grid, accompanied by the name of the employee, responsible for creating the suggestion. 

To award a seller after ticking the small box under the company name, select the green “Award” button. The column in which the name and the offer/offers of the selected seller are located will be marked in green, indicating that he is the winner for the respective product of the IPS variant in which he is located.

After being awarded, a seller receives a notification.