As mentioned in section “Price Auction” under “Rules”, the buyer specifies within what period of time after the auction expires the order will be placed. The setting of that order placement period is enabled through the “Order Period in Days” option. 

  • Open the auction you wish to execute the ordering for. 
  • Click “Order” to have only the winner/winners of the auction appear.
  • To select which sellers you wish to order from, click inside the little empty box next to the name of each product.
  • The “Create new order” button on the top right will get activated, allowing you to proceed with the order/orders creation 
  • Pressing the “Create new order” button will generate a pop-up window, displaying the order/orders preview, listing out the product’s names, warranty and delivery period, preferred delivery addresses and payment terms, as well as incoterms and quantity of each item.  
  • Here you have the option to change both the order quantity and the price. The fields in which you make a change will be highlighted in red for your convenience. The total price of the order at the bottom right will be recalculated, depending on the quantity and price you enter for each option.
  • When you’re done, click the “Order” button to start generating it. The seller will be notified about the new order.When finished, press “Order” to commence the order generation.
  • The status of the order can be tracked by the buyer in the menu “Orders” -> “Auction  orders”, and before it is processed by the seller, it will have the status “New”. After starting the processing of the order by the seller, the status will change to “In progress”.
  • The subsequent status, depending on the seller’s actions, is “Sent”. The seller has the option to reject the order and you have the option to cancel it by clicking the “Cancel” button.
  • Once the buyer has received his order, he can mark it as “Completed” from the “Mark as completed” button.