Set up an Auction

All buyers on Auxionize have the opportunity to start and set up an auction for any of their IPS’s and the variants inside them. To do so, several precise steps need to be followed. Each step has required information to be filled, in order to set the specific rules and conditions of the auction. Supporting documentation could be provided so that more details are available to the sellers regarding buyers’ procurement policies and/or product specifications. The platform is set to automatically send invitations to all sellers that offer the products set in the auction, but the buyers are also able to invite participants in the auction by sending them email invitations. Buyers can as well, remove any seller from the list before activating. 

  • On top of your buyer`s dashboard, between your company name and the notification bell, there is a “Start Auction” button. Press it to commence with your auction set up.

  • Depending of the type of auction you would like to start, please look for directions in the next menus “Price Auction” & “Pre Auction”