Nomenclature Order- Buyers

The order placing always starts from the buyer`s nomenclature section, where all IPS`s are listed out. The buyer makes a selection for an IPS by clicking on it, which will display all containing IPS products. Right next to the tab “IPS Overview” , there’s a tab “Offers” that will lead to all sellers` bids on the products` variants.

After analyzing all the offers submitted by the sellers, the buyer decides from which offer to place an order. To start ordering a product, the buyer must determine how much he wants to order from a particular product by ticking a specific offer. The buyer should then press the active “Order” button. In the newly opened window, the buyer has the opportunity to view the order details as well as change the quantity. The new quantity cannot be less than the minimum set in the variant, but it can be larger. After selecting “Order”, the respective seller will be notified of the order placed with him, which will be registered in the section “Nomenclature orders” under “Orders”.   

When the buyer places new order it appears in his “Nomenclature Orders” section, the order status appears as “New”. The buyer receives a notification every time the seller alerts the order status so that he is aware of each phase the order has entered. The individual columns in the table give the necessary information about the order, and the order itself can be seen by clicking on the order number (first column).

When the seller finalizes the order and no more payments or partial product deliveries are scheduled for settlement, the buyer is able to mark the order as completed by clicking on the “Mark as Completed” under the “Nomenclature Orders” tab.