• After receiving a order from the buyer, the seller will immediately receive notification that a new order has been issued to him.
  • To view the order / orders, the seller must access the “Auction Orders” in the “Orders” section.
  • A list of all orders will appear. The Seller should focus on new orders
  • When selecting the order number at the left end of each line (first column), the seller can view all the details of the order such as date, buyer, products ordered, quantities, final price, etc.
  • When choosing the link with the name of the auction (second column), the seller can view all the details of the auction from which the order was received.

  • The seller has the opportunity to change the status of the order both from the overview and from the grid view showing all orders one below the other. In addition to the various statuses seen below, the seller has the option to reject the order.

The status “Completed” indicates that the seller has fulfilled his responsibility for the preparation and shipment of the order, as required by the terms, but he can still wait for payments for it if the terms of payment specify that.