Join a Company

To join a company on Auxionize, you can either search for an already registered company and send a request to join, or to have an invitation sent to you by any registered company, allowing you to join its existing employee base, registered on the platform. 

  •  Join a company – Sending a request 

 After selecting the “To Join A Company Click Here” option, you will be redirected to an          

 Auxionize page, where under the “Join a Company” tab you will need to type in the search field the name of the company you wish to join. 

Once you have pulled up the business entity you aim to join, scroll to the right and click on the “Join a Company” button. The request to join will then appear in the selected company profile under “Requests”, allowing the company’s authorized personnel to review that request and make a decision regarding granting or rejecting it. 

For each employee join request, companies will have two active buttons at the end of each row, allowing approval or cancelling of that request. By clicking the “Approval” button, the approved employee will be immediately added to the employee portfolio of the company. The “Reject” button will prevent an employee from becoming part of the specific company on the platform. In both cases, the employee will receive a notification regarding the company’s decision. 

  • Join  a Company- Invitation by existing company

To join a company by an invitation, the specific company has to select “Settings”, located on the bottom left on its dashboard and click on the “Employees” tab. Under “Invitations”, the email address of the employee, being invited, needs to be entered. In order to activate the “Send Invitation” button a “Region” and a “Role”  need to be chosen for the concrete employee so that it becomes clear what will be that employee’s rights and responsibilities when it comes to geographical location and job description. 

The invited employee will receive an email with a link, leading to accepting the company invitation to join. By clicking on that link, the invited employee will be prompted to the platform, where under the “Companies” section the name of the inviting company will appear. By scrolling to the very right of the row, the employee has the option to accept or reject the invitation by choosing “Accept” or “Cancel”. By choosing “Accept” the employee will be immediately added to the employee portfolio of the inviting company.