Look for existing categories and products

When either a Buyer or a Seller wants to add a product to the nomenclature, the first step is to look at the Product Catalogue and check if the particular product is already available there. 

  • On your dashboard select “Product Catalogue” from the options on the left.
  • Press the blue “Category” tab to get to the drop down menu with all possible product/service categories, or simply type in its name in the “Search” field. Note that if you type in the final product you are looking for in the “Search” field, it will not appear. You will have to type in the category name under which the desired product falls under in order to begin your search.  
  • When your desired category shows up, select it and view its subcategories 2,3, 4 and 5 to find the final item you seek to find. 
  • Once you have reached your desired item, highlight it and press the blue “Select” button.
  • You will then see a listing of product cards, each containing information how many sellers and buyers are associated with each product, resulting from your search. The amount of buyers and sellers in each product card will be a clear indication of what is the volume of supply and demand, associated with the specific product/service.  The annual turnover is another piece of information, displayed inside the product card, also suggesting trading volume for the concrete item. This information is filled by the registered Buyers. 
  •  You can add a product to your nomenclature formalized the way you see it as a configuration, by marking it in the checkbox, visible when you hover the mouse over the product card.
  • On the product card you will also see a blue icon which stands for “Copy and modify”. This allows the user to create similar products for himself and slightly modify the specifications.  Editing of those products could take place anytime it is necessary by clicking on the pencil edit sign.  
  • After choosing the “Copy and Modify” a product builder window will appear with filled information only about the attributes of the copied product. This is based on the fact that all newly created or copied products inherit and carry the attributes, already predetermined within their main category. 
  • If you wish to create additional attributes for your product to make it even more customized, you can  press the “Add Attribute Group” button on the bottom left of the product builder window, or you can also search for attributes to add by pressing the “Search/Add Attribute” button. Attribute groups could be removed and deleted only by the kompany which has created them in the first place.  

For how to add products to the Buyers or Sellers nomenclature, please refer to “Sellers Product management in Nomenclature”  and “Buyers Product management in Nomenclature “.