Nomenclature Bidding-Buyers

Buyers are able to view all sellers` offers for any products and their variants in the buyer nomenclature section. The tab “Offers” is located right next to the tab “IPS Overview”. By clicking on it, the buyer gets to see all current sellers` offers, given for any of the IPS-contained items and their variants. 

  • Offers include mandatory parameters / values ​​entered by the sellers, including the price value of the offer for the quantity specified in the variant, as well as validity, warranty period and delivery period in days. Term of validity determines what period of time the offer submitted by the seller will be valid at the price determined by him. The warranty period and delivery time may already be set by the buyer when creating the IPS variant and the seller may not have to fill them out. After reviewing and evaluating all submitted offers, the buyer can place an order for the most suitable offer for him.

Important aspect of the nomenclature offering is the offer visibility settings. The offers, placed by sellers in the buyers` nomenclature, could be visible or invisible, depending on the Offer Visibility settings determined by the buyer. Offer visibility settings in the nomenclature are identical to those in the auction. If set to have “Public” visibility, all offers given by sellers in the nomenclature, including seller company name and offer value, will be visible for the rest of the sellers. The “Semi-Public” option will allow the sellers to view only offer values, but not the names of the companies, placing the offers. The “Private” option will not allow visibility to either value of offers or the names of the offering companies.