Create a New Company

The initiation of a new company account starts with selecting the “To Create a Company Click Here” button on the Auxionize welcome page after the email verification has been completed.  

You will be prompted to a window where you will need to fill in your unique company information, such as company ID, VAT number, physical registration address and point of contact details.  Regarding the VAT number, the Auxionize admin staff validates every such information  in specific registers, to determine its validity. You, as the representative registering the company,, also have a “Validate” button next to the VAT number field to check if the entered value is valid. When it comes to the company ID, it is a unique identifier, that could consist of abbreviations or a unique combination of letters and numbers issued by the government. Please note that the company ID is different from the company VAT number. The VAT is the registered tax ID number, called differently depending on the physical registration address of the company. The UK, EU and most Asian countries use the term VAT ID, while in the US it is referred to as tax ID or sales tax. Australia and New Zealand refer to it as ABN or GST registration.  

After the required information is inserted, you may click on the “Register” button, which  will lead to a notification that the company registration request has been submitted for a review and approval by an Auxionize admin personnel. Part of your company activation profile includes a phone call by an Auxionize customer experience staff, aimed at determining your account tier level , based on the estimated business volume you expect to generate.

Once approved, you will have a completed access granted to the Auxionize platform and your established company profile.