Live Auctions-Buyers

After the  commencement of the auction, the buyer will receive a notification any time an offer takes place. Also, should any seller send a private message to the buyer regarding the ongoing auction, the buyer will receive a notification for the message and will reply. 

Also, the buyer will be able to include any offline offers received for any of the IPS products and to make them visible to the auction participants. Offline offers are those, received by the buyers from sellers outside Auxionize. To add such an offline offer, the buyer needs to click on the “Offline Offers” button and enter the details regarding the offer received outside the platform. 

At any time after the start of the auction the buyer could cancel it for any reason. However, after starting a price auction, no information can be changed and no IPS’s can be deleted or added. 

The buyer has the right to delete each of the submitted offers at any time. This happens from the bin icon located in each offer. The buyer can also send a personal message to any seller who submits a bid. This is done by the icon on the right of the name of the company that submitted the offer. In addition to the personal message to each seller, the buyer has the opportunity to write various comments – to IPS, to an attribute, or to an auction. All comments will be available in the “All Comments” section, and personal messages in the “Private Messages” section.

In the upper right corner is available information on the number of bids, the number of bidders, and the number of potential participants. Potential participants can also be seen in the “Potential participants” section. Just before the number of views, the buyer can see who is in the auction at this time, and in the “History” section the buyer can see the auction’s unique views from users of the platform.

With the “Show all offers” button, the buyer can also view inactive (already improved or deleted) offers. When he deactivates this button, the buyer will see only the active offers – those that can be awarded.

In case the auction has Controlled Access while it is active, sellers can send a request to participate in it, and buyers, in turn, choose whether to approve this request or reject it, based on whether they want to receive an offer from the seller who requested the access.