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Manage Regions

All sellers on Auxionize have the option to assign employees to various geographical regions upon the availability of such. Regions could be within a city, country, or other customized region definition.The respective region and the employee, assigned to it, are treated as a separate sub-section. Consequently, only a portfolio of products and services, applicable to that defined region, apply to the assigned employee.

Create regions

  • From the “Settings” menu on the bottom left of your dashboard select “Regions”. Since you were required to register by providing the company`s country and city of registration/operation, that initially provided information will appear as a default single region. 
  • To create additional regions, based on the volume of geographical regions your company operates in, simply select “Add New Region”

In the pop-up window type in the selected name for the new region, being created, as well as the country, city and currency, in order to define its scope. You can also enable your product title builder for the products/services that will be available within the newly created region. 

  • Press “Save” to finalize the creation of a new region and select “Close” afterwards.

Manage existing regions

  • View regions  

In the “Settings” menu on the bottom left of your dashboard, go to  “Regions”. All defined regions will appear, containing information, such as the region`s given name, country and/or city of operation, as well as the currency of the specific geographical area. In case you have a large number of existing regions, in the “Search” field on the top of the page type in the name of the region you wish to view to skip spending time on browsing. 

  • Edit Regions 

When it comes to editing already defined regions, you have the possibility to do that at any time such change is considered necessary. Click on “Edit” within the row of the region you wish to alter. You will then get the same pop-up window as when you are creating a new region, explained in section 5.1.3. Type in the updated information for the specific region, save and close when finished.