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Delivery Addresses

Regardless if you have a seller or a buyer account, you need to specify a delivery address upon registration. Delivery addresses, however, have a different application for sellers and buyers. Buyers need to provide delivery address/s associated with purchase deliveries. As there might be various defined regions of business operation, the buyer`s delivery addresses could be numerous. It is possible that one single region of operation is associated with a few delivery addresses.                            Regarding sellers, delivery addresses indicate where buyers could pick up their purchases from, in case this is the preferred method of purchase retrieval, specified in the incoterms. Sellers also could have various delivery addresses, associated with one predetermined region, or a few of them. To locate all delivery addresses registered, choose “Delivery Addresses” from the dropdown menu under “Settings”. 

Manage existing addresses

At all times you are able to delete or edit an already-registered physical address of delivery. To alter an existing one, press “Edit” at the end of the row of the address you wish to modify. You will then be prompted to a window, in which you need to fill in the updated address information. After all modifications have been entered, press “Save” and “Close”.

To entirely delete an address, click on “Remove” next to the “Edit” button. A popup window will ask you to confirm your choice to delete the address from your profile by clicking inside the little box and pressing “OK” and “Close”.

Enter new address

To create a new delivery address, choose again “Delivery Addresses” from the dropdown menu under “Settings”. Under the already registered addresses, if any, select “Add Address”. Once the pop up window appears, fill in the required details of the newly-created address and press “Save” afterwards. You can enter as many delivery addresses as you find necessary.